Collection Management

We help some of the world's most iconic individuals and advise how their collections can be archived, stored, preserved and managed to support their legacy and maximise revenue potential.

Archiving Expertise

Using our years of experience with similar collections and objects, we research, archive and photograph every paper, photograph, costume, instrument, award and artefact in your collection. Each and every item is meticulously researched to record its history and importance. Each piece is catalogued, with any exhibition or literature references, to ensure that none of the story behind the object is lost.

Collector Systems

We work with Collector Systems™, providers of an impressive, state of the art cloud-based collection management system. The system allows collectors to access, manage and enjoy their collection from anywhere in the world and share it with anyone you wish. Your collection can be organised however you wish and, with unlimited storage space and high security features, you have total peace of mind.


Storage, Preservation and Conservation

We provide advice on the storage of your collection and work with a team of world-class expert conservators of manuscripts, textiles, costumes and guitars so that your collection can be preserved for future generations. With relationships with state-of-the-art Fine Art storage facilities all over the world, we can ensure the confidential and secure storage of your prized assets.